X-Ray Rate List

Rate List and prices for all digital X-Ray related investigations and scans offered at Dr Mittal’s Diagnostic Centre in Delhi, are provided below. We have state-of-the-art equipment and trained professional technicians for performing all X-Ray and OPG exams.

We provide complete range of digital X-ray tests at affordable cost, including Chest X-ray, OPG, Dental X-rays, Lateral Cephalogram, Occlusal view, TM Joint, Barium meal, etc.

It is not necessary to take appointments for ultrasound scan investigations. But it is recommended to take a prior appointment so that there is minimum wait time. Call us at +91-9811552279 or +91-7827070020 to book your appointment. You can also use the contact form to let us know your requirement.

We provide reports on the same day online through the Healthspace appwebsite or email.

InvestigationsRate (₹)
X-Ray Chest500
X-Ray Abdomen400
X-Ray KUB (Two Film)800
X-Ray Any (per exposure)400
Dental X-Ray (One film)120
Digital OPG600
Lateral Cephalogram600
T.M. Joint (Open & Close) Each600
Occlusal View500
I.V.P. (Non Lonic)3500
Barium Meal Swallow2000
Barium Meal UGIT3000
Barium Enema3000
Barium Enema (Double Contrast)4000
Barium Meal (Complete)5000
MCU + RGU6000


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