Color Doppler Rate List

Rate list for all the Color Doppler investigations available at Dr Mittal’s Diagnostic Centre in Delhi, are provided below along with cost of each scan. We have both male and female radiologists available, for the comfort of our patients.

We provide the complete range of color doppler scanning tests like obstetrics, renal, carotid, penile, scrotum, as well as arterial/ venous doppler scan for limbs. We offer high quality scanning at the best price, using state-of-the-art equipment.

It is not necessary to take appointments for ultrasound scan investigations. But it is recommended to take a prior appointment so that there is minimum wait time. Call us at +91-9811552279 or +91-7827070020 to book your appointment. You can also use the contact form to let us know your requirement.

We provide reports on the same day online through the Healthspace app, website or email.

Carotid Doppler (Both Sides)3000
One Limb (Arterial or Venous)3000
One Limb ( Arterial and Venous)6000
Both Limbs (Arterial or Venous)12000
Both Limbs (Arterial and Venous)6000
Renal Doppler3000
Obstretrics Doppler3000
Scrotum Doppler3000
Upper Abdominal Doppler3000
Gynae Doppler3000
Penile Doppler5000